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What is ProMood?

Features at a glance

Real Results

There is no guessing here, take the tests, get accurate results and solving techniques.

Panic Relief

Since panic attacks come at unexpected moments, we have a quick answer. Tap, watch, relax.

Track Your Progress

Save and review your progress at any time on your personal profile.

Socialize and Help

Choose between helping or getting help. Engage with users and share experiences in our Chat Room.


Widely studied, scientifically proven. Enjoy the benefits with our 8-Week Mindfulness course!


Choose between our daily trainings. Get notifications and tasks, feel the results.

The Road to a Healthier Life Style

Health and well-being is in most cases a choice, in which the person itself is an active participant in the decision. And It's the small healthy habits that will, over time, exert their influence upon us. Changing our negative habits for more functional ones is only achieved by learning to go through specific processes. These processes require time, but a very specific time, which we define as follows:

"It's the time I must bear while the change process is at work, but the result still doesn't show up."

If we manage to endure this particular process, then we may achieve almost any goal that we propose in our lives. We created ProMood to help you go through these processes. There is no magic nor miracles, just our promise to support you and make this process easy and feasible.

How it Works

In the first session you will be guided through an introduction, which will include initial questions such as name, date of birth and gender. It will also include a Personality Type test. The results of this test, along with the previous data will be used to personalize the experience, advice and techniques.

After the introduction, you will be taken to the main screen and you will have to choose between three options based on your current mood: Positive, Neutral and Negative. Each branch has its own set of tools to help you make the most of your current state. You will then be guided through a set of questions in order to be diagnosed, and finally you will be given advice and techniques to help change or improve your mood.

  • Start with a one-time introduction.
  • Define your current state.
  • Let the app lead you and get a diagnose and advice.
  • Track your progress.
  • Improve yor life.

See it in Action

Take a look at our promo video.

We Are Different

We believe, we know, we can.


Because we are convinced that improving your quality of life is possible. Because we know that this possibility is available to everyone. And because we truly believe this is a choice, there are no magical recipes to achieve a healthy state of mind other than true desire to improve, proven methods, people and tools that allow this to happen.


By teaching you to be aware of your emotional states, registering them, feeling them as part of your daily life. If your emotions are positive you will learn to know why, by finding its patterns and converting them into conscious future strengths at your disposal. If they are irrelevant, you will learn to make them relevant and functional. If they are negative, we will teach you to turn those states into much more productive states.


For all this we created ProMood, an app that will easily teach you to take control of your emotional states, to improve them, to be aware of them, to give you the power to influence and don't let them dominate your daily life.

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